In The Paint with Too-Tall Foyle!

Full Circle Animation at Animae Caribe

This year at the Animae Caribe Festival we got to hang with former NBA basketball player turned philanthropist Adonal Foyle. A Caribbean Icon! Born in tiny Canouan, St. Vincent Adonal rose past adversity to play college ball and then go on to a successful career in the NBA. He's released a children's book called Too-Tall Foyle Finds His Game  (soon to be a series) about his journey that's been released digitally and soon will hopefully go fully animated.

We got to spend some time with Adonal in the "The Fishbowl" at AC13 to show him some of what we do and learn more about his project and his journey, and life lessons.

It was real.


Guest speakers at Anime Caribe 2013 stopped by at Full Circle's booth. The production team were also on location showing various animation demos.