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Full Circle Animation Studio: build trust and reliability

Jason Lindsay, Managing Director, Full Circle Animation Studio, courtesy Full Circle Animation Studio

Full Circle Animation began its export journey in 2012, supplying animation production services in the Caribbean, North America, and the Far East. Today, its annual exports account for more than 50% of sales. In 2018 it secured a contract from Big Jump Entertainment in Canada to supply animation for the HBO show Animals.

Although the digital services economy is borderless, exporting from Trinidad and Tobago has been tough, says Jason Lindsay, Full Circle’s managing director. “Most local business infrastructure facilitates product export,” he warns, “and is geared to medium and large companies.”

Full Circle is an SME, operating in an industry (animation) which does not have enough local demand to make the business viable. “Many local agencies that support, promote and finance exporters still have not caught up with the services sector,” Lindsay says, “and do not fully understanding how the digital economy operates. We were born locally but are sustained globally.”

So Full Circle is pushing ahead with its export drive, and plans to add intellectual property development to its portfolio. Investing in digital properties, such as TV shows, will allow the company to benefit from ownership value on the same product.

Lindsay encourages other digital services exporters to emphasise trust, effective communication, and reliability as core values, in order to build confidence with clients in the world of borderless animation.


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